Why Choose Us

Decoracion Y Lamparas have been offering a bespoke service tailored to the individual needs of their customers since 2006.

We are a family owned company and have our entire service delivered in house – from electrical installations to re-upholstery.

We can offer a personal service and understand that a room needs to actually fulfil its function in order to work effectively.

In other words, we don’t design rooms for show homes which won’t be lived in.

Our approach is to go

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through exactly what you, the client, require from your home

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and then see how we can best arrange it to work for you.

The way we do this is to get our clients to write down what happens on a typical day; in each room of the house, at which time and by whom.

That way our interior designers can best assess what should go there and how the home should be arranged best, to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic throughout.

For example, one of our clients discovered that he was always opening the mail in the bathroom, so our designers placed a mail rack in there for him!

It doesn’t matter if it is unconventional, if a coffee station in your bedroom is where you want it to be, then this is where we will put it.

A home needs to be designed firstly with the needs of its occupants in mind – and that goes for the animal as well as the human.

So if your cat has colonised the guest bedroom, we can give him a place to sleep there. Likewise, a pet couch may be a welcome addition to your living space or even kitchen.

We are different because our team really take the time to get to know you and your family’s needs. We are firmly committed to delivering what people want and make sure that it matches with their needs.

Multi-purpose furniture and cleverly designed units that can transform from one thing to another are our speciality.

On top of this, all our work comes with a ten year guarantee and we can arrange for a two years interest free payment plan, to help spread the cost.

Our designers also offer a free consultation, with no pressure. This can be an opportunity for you to talk through any ideas you may have and for us to help you decide what may work best for your home.

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