Tips On Choosing The Perfect Dining Table

A dining table may be many things and used for a lot more than simply eating at.

For this reason, you need to fully keep in mind your life and home before just opting for something that looks nice.

If, for example, you are planning to knock the wall down between your living room and your kitchen to create one large living kitchen space, you might need something different, to the kind of table you may place in a dining room.

Consider who uses this table and what for. If you are a childless couple hosting regular soirees, then that beautiful polished mahogany will be a great choice.

But if you regularly have children over, putting dirty paw prints on it, suddenly it is not! Also be cautious if you have chandelier or other specific lightning.

For many people, the dining table will have to be all things to all people – it will be the place that tea gets eaten and also doubles up as a crafting table.

It may have heavy objects placed on it and sometimes hot plates. It will therefore be required to do some (literally) heavy lifting.

But this does not mean that it cannot look stylish or elegant. What it does mean is that you may want to consider the material it is made out of carefully.

This may mean making a choice about whether to go with a hardwood table or a veneer.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional advice has been to opt for a hardwood over veneered furniture, as it is longer lasting, as well as a beautiful thing to look at.

But in actual fact, it is more complicated than that.

Sometimes, a well made piece of solid furniture with a thick veneer that is properly constructed can be almost as good.

Our advice would be to get the best that you can afford, but consider the usage it is going to have.

If you have a large family and there are likely to be countless spills and scratches, a hardwood table will probably be best in the long run.

Although it may seem like a good idea to buy something cheap in this situation as a kind of ‘workhorse’ to take the rough treatment, a solid wood table is a better bet.

This is because it can be renovated and restored, and withstand some pretty serious use. A serious scratch onto even the most beautiful piece of veneered furniture is unlikely to ever be removed, however.

Finally, a thought about the size of your table and whereabouts it may sit in your room, is in order before you rush out and order something too big to fit in the front door.

Remember, just because there may be eight of you occasionally, doesn’t mean to say it has always got to be massive.

There are many clever extending options available on smaller tables, which fit snugly into corners available these days.

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