Uplifting Your Home With Uplighting

Are you tired of living in the dark? Do sections of your house belong to the cobwebs and moths?

If dark corners are haunting your home, maybe it is time to think about fighting back. And not only with a feather duster!

All those dark corners and dull recesses could be illuminated and filled with light – making a feature out of your quirky corners and dark shadows.

Not only can this make your room look more interesting, potentially, but it may also serve to make it appear larger. https://www.ledinbouwspotsleds.nl/ has a thorough guidelines on this.

The solution to your problem is up-lighting – and its twin sister – down-lighting.


One of the best ways to bring light to your dark areas is in the various types of spotlights. These days, LED makes an economical choice.

Once, these were extremely expensive, but in recent years their price has started to fall. It is likely that they will continue to fall in price, making them now a very cost effective option.

Many times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and around ten times the lifespan of a CFL, LED lighting has now come of age.

Whether you opt for backlighting your recesses with the spotlight on something decorative, such as a vase or want ceiling lights, LED can achieve both effects beautifully.

Spot lights can be built in like the versatile inbouw led spots or they may even be dimmable versions like the dimbaar led spots.


It was not all that long ago that LED lighting did not love the dimmer switch. And unless you do your homework properly, they may not work fully or at all with a dimmer switch.

However, more light bulbs are now compatible with a dimmer switch – but they just have to be one which is designed to work specifically with LED lighting.

Dimmable LED spots such as the dinky dimbaar led spots can bring a whole new vibe to your kitchen.


Nowadays, people expect to be able to chill out in their kitchen area.

More and more, modern home designs are favouring breaking down the kitchen and living room walls, to create one kitchen diner or kitchen living area.

This means that suddenly, no one wants the harsh lighting effects of yesteryear in their kitchen.

Now, not only do we want light to be able to see properly when preparing a meal, but we also want to be able to turn it down, in order to relax in afterwards.

For this reason, the dimmer switch is enjoying a well deserved revival.

But even if the dimmable lights are not for you or will not work with your bulbs (although they should do if they are matched up correctly) there are other options for layering your lighting.

The good thing about inbouw led spots is that there are usually many of them and each one may be individually controlled.

This can give an ambient, relaxed feel to any living space but also allow them to be turned on or up to maximum effect when necessary.


If it is a while since you last refreshed your kitchen lighting, you may be pleasantly surprised by the range of options which exist today.

Old strip lighting in particular can be removed and replaced with smaller and more focused spotlights, shining on the various aspects of your kitchen which have lain unloved for so long.

With all that light shining in your dark corners, your only problem may be having the heart to evict the spiders living in them!

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