About Us

Decoracion y Lamparas were inspired by a visit to Spain and some of the beautiful interior designs we uncovered there.

Founded in 2003 by interior designer Raymond Small, we have been giving the personal touch to family homes ever since.

Although modest at inception, we have grown into a family business that is shared with Raymond’s wife Monica and his brother in law Paul.

Each three team members handle separate ends of the business, with Raymond being the principal designer and architect, especially of the whole house remodelling projects.

Paul handles all the electrical installations and is also an expert in renovating old lamps and lighting.

Monica designs and makes just about everything and is the go to woman for anything concerning tiles.

Between us, there is not much we don’t know about renovating and redesigning a home.

Our team can offer free initial visits, where you may talk about any plans that you might have for your refit.

If you don’t have any plans but know that you just fancy a change, don’t be put off – just call us!

Quite often people do not realise just what it is that they do want until they see it. All three of our team members will be able to talk you through what the various options are for improving your living space.

We also can mock up computer simulations of what your planned changes will look like, an important tool and big help to many of our clients who may be having trouble visualising the end results.

If at any stage in the proceedings you are unhappy with the way things are going, we are approachable and happy to discuss the matter.

There are times when plans need to be changed at the last minute or altered and this is just all part of the service that we offer.

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